Wednesday, August 31, 2016


mr.e.beck.artist and i have been married 26 years this month. as i often do, i painted him a picture .... which, i guess, is my version of a love letter.
i love him so i paint for him.
he loves me so he doesn't mind that shopping for a gift just isn't my thing.

that's a 12 by 12 wooden box ... not my usual canvas .... gotta try new things, huh?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

a long over due pottery post

i've been doing loads of pottery and not much painting ... and no blogging!!
so here is some pottery that i've done lately!

this piece is about 8 inches square and was using a newish glaze for me ... i did it with designer liners which are small squirt bottles with thin tips for writing and fine work ... i love them!

these two pieces below, a big bowl and a plate, are turquoise under glaze applied thickly and then wiped away on the high spots .... then celadon glaze ... with is a super glossy good green.... 

i gave these ornies to a pal for her birthday .... it's not christmas .. but i like the idea of having them around all the time.... and orange is my favorite.

these below are a couple of grad gifts i made.

i work as an art teacher at a catholic school .... and at the end of my happy first year, i gave these to the people i worked with most and best.

this is a platter that i LOVE ... it is super flat bottomed and had nice chunky sides .... i don't much like dainty pottery even though the finer it is, the better the craftsmanship ... this one is just how i like them ... 

this one below has sort of become my specialty ... bright underglazes, black underglaze wash, lots of texture .... the most work of any of the pieces i do, but my favorites because of the many good colors.

here's another multi colored fave.

lately, i usually do white clay because my underglazes show up so well on it ... but this is gray speck ... the clay looks gray when you start ... and goes specked .... i did a mexico point wash off and then clear glaze.... 

and i started doing wheel again after a 16 year break (that's how long ago i got pregnant with my 15 year old) .... haha.... i took off for a pregnancy and ended up skipping for her entire childhood ... but i went back to the wheel with that child .... and her big sister ... so that was extra fun ... perhaps i'll put so wheel thrown pieces on soon .... if i become a blogger again.... 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

happy new year.

happy new year!!
here's my book count for years past:
2015 … 86 books read! 
2014… 87
2012 …  103
2011… 100
..... this all started because my 2011 new years resolution was 100 books read.... and i did it ... i kept the reading tracking habit from that ... 

this year's 2016 resolution is 100 days of yoga this year .... and on jan. 2nd i'm all the way to 2. so on track for sure.

i also plan on increasing art output ... besides the pottery that never slowed down ... 

do you make resolutions?