Monday, April 13, 2020

Tansy in the Pandemic

Tansy is a retired ICU nurse during the pandemic. 
She began the pandemic thankful to be off the front line of the medical war on CoronaVirus. 
Early on her friends would call and text about her opinions on social isolation (do), toilet paper hoarding (don't), purell (yes), handwashing (lots), masks (unclear, can't hurt)  and alcohol (cheers!). 
Now her friend with a mother in ICU on a ventilator calls her every couple of hours. 
Tansy is happy to talk her through this hard thing. 
Tansy just heard that a nurse has died, the first frontline pandemic health care worker in her state. 
Is it time to go back to work? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Zinnia. Andy Warhol Action Figure.

Anne and Garth in the Pandemic

Anne and Garth live in a Senior Living Community during the pandemic. 
Garth is almost 92. 
Anne is his younger wife. 
The social life of their community shut down with the implementation of social distancing and no visitors allowed. 
Meals are delivered to their apartment. 
Douglas, the youngest of four of their children lives nearby.
He brought them groceries. 
He took the photo from afar. 
He maintained a healthy distance to keep his parents safe. 
Anne and Garth were thankful for a bit of fresh air.
When will social distancing be over? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Anne and Garth. My actual parents, not small toys. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Peony in the Pandemic

Peony is a CNA during the pandemic.
She feels fortunate to still have a steady paycheck.
She feels relieved that her clients in the assisted care facility are in the same state of aging health that they were when the pandemic started. 
She is terrified by the news bits about senior living facilities that have been ravaged by the pandemic.
Peony prays for those in her care every day. 
Will praying for them be enough? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Peony. Pink Carebear, Love-A-Lot Bear

Freesia in the Pandemic

Freesia works for a yard service during the pandemic. 
Every day now, she wakes up scared. 
She is frightened of the disease that is spreading.
She is worried that her job and source of income will suddenly stop. 
She is amazed that there are still people willing to pay for mowing, edging, trimming and weeding. 
She is thankful that it is spring and that the workload in each yard is actually increasing. 
Freesia is astonished that she has worn a mask at work for years and now others desperately seek masks.  
Will the yard service company make it through the pandemic unscathed? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Freesia. Unicorn.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Arbor, Aster and Azalea in the Pandemic

Arbor and Aster were empty nesters in retirement when the pandemic started. 
Azalea lost her job. 
Together, they all decided financially that the best idea was for Azalea to move home. 
No one is happy with the idea. 
The adult child misses her freedom.
The parents miss their freedom. 
How long is this going to last? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Arbor, Aster and Azalea. Aliens.

Orchid and Clover in the Pandemic

Orchid and Clover are both working from home during the pandemic. 
Clover is working 12 hour days, trying to be indispensable and keep his job. 
He is anxious and not sleeping.
Orchid is trying to keep up with her job, 
trying to manage the kids,
trying to order groceries online, 
trying to reassure her mother and father, 
trying to keep it all together. 
She is overwhelmed and angry. 
Orchid  has no idea how Clover is feeling.
Clover has no idea how Orchid is feeling. 
How are the kids feeling?

 Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Orchid and Clover. Aliens.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Hazel in the Pandemic

Hazel is unemployed during the pandemic. 
Hazel has no income during the pandemic. 
She has applied for unemployment benefits. 
She is trying to sell things on Ebay.
She is trying to get a job with Amazon sorting packages. 
What is Hazel going to do when she uses the last 124 dollars in her bank account?

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Hazel. Alien. 

Fleur in the Pandemic

Fleur is an ER doctor during the pandemic. 
Her hospital is small. 
The ICU is small. 
The number of ventilators is small. 
The number of doctors is small. 
The hospital has not been inundated. 
She's making plans for where she will stay once the virus slams her community. 
She doesn't want to infect her husband or their children. 
How is she going to explain her absence to her small children? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Fleur. Blue Stegosaurus.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Poppy in the Pandemic

Poppy goes to work with an undercurrent of fear every day during the pandemic. 
Poppy works for Instacart. 
She used to deliver groceries to some regulars, mostly busy professionals, but sometimes older folks. 
In the pandemic, she is an Insta "old pro" with lots of new workers cruising the grocery store alongside her now. 
The news keeps saying that healthcare workers and sick people should wear masks. 
That doesn't feel right to Poppy. 
When can Poppy start wearing a mask and gloves? 
Can she even find any to wear?

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Poppy. Happy Face Koosh.

Violet in the Pandemic

Violet was dedicated to keeping busy during the pandemic. 
She waited in line at Lowe's where the police monitored that everyone stayed six feet apart while waiting to go in. 
She painted the upstairs hallway, the dining room and the garage. 
She was studying YouTube videos in preparation for retiling her back porch. 
Violet is starting to worry.
How far into the pandemic will Lowe's stay open? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Violet. Giraffe Koosh.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Blossom in the Pandemic

Blossom was worried about feeding her family during the pandemic. 
She had never been much of a cook, relying largely on takeout and pre made food from the grocery store. 
Her go to takeouts were shutting down one by one. 
Was it even safe to be waiting in line for the pizza? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Blossom. Monster Finger Puppet.

Daisy in the Pandemic

Daisy was concerned with her activity levels during the pandemic. 
Her daily uniform of ahtleisure wear wouldn't change, but the cancelation of hot yoga and spin class worried her. 
Daisy hoped that four hours of online yoga classes each day would be enough to maintain not just her physical fitness but also her mental well being. 
Should she buy her own stationary bike? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Daisy. Monster Finger Puppet.