Tuesday, October 15, 2013


ok ... my one year sabbatical from blogging is over a wee bit early ... ok?

here's my artist bio that i have just updated ....

Elizabeth Beck is a mixed media artist who is intrigued by the secrets that can be hidden in collage work.   Elizabeth does colorful and exuberant art for the sheer joy of it and wants her work to reflect that happiness. She likes to explore the quirky, using interesting bits of ephemera, like maps, dictionary pages and bingo cards, to make traditional compositions.  Elizabeth loves Mona Lisa, Diet Coke, reading, quotes, alphabets, fonts, type, orange shoes, dictionaries, maps, the beach, reality TV, road trips, museums, messy paint days, Sunday School, kale, cookies, good friends, tennis, her husband Andy, and her sweet children, Drew, Julia, and Sophie Sunshine. Elizabeth lives in Atlanta with her husband, Andy, three growing-up-too-fast children, and a little dog that is supposed to be white but is usually more of a dirty beige. Contact at e.beck.artist@mac.com.  

mostly i just added kale, cookies and tennis.... the important stuff.