Friday, November 23, 2012


yippeee ... i have read 98 books this year ... i finished two yesterday on thanksgiving day .... rah!
read about them here on my book list if you want .... happy friday .... off to take a walk with my family .....

P.S.... it is now dec. 28th and i am on book 103 ... hurrah ... the best book of the year has been either blue jesus or the pecan man ....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving....

here's wishing you a day full of things that you are thankful for .... 
and pie ... here's wishing you lots and lots of pie.

happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 little birds ...

 i've been on a bird binge lately .... i brought five more home from pottery class ....
 so now i have ten sitting on my sideboard .... and one more in the kiln .... 
they're birds ... but they're also kinda plates ... and kinda bowls.....

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

bowl of blueness...

 i made a big blue bowl ... speck gray clay ... anne's blue with a brushing of impossible purple over it .... it could be a salad bowl ... or a chip bowl ... or hold easter eggs in the spring ... or gourds in the fall ....
or it could hold about thirty bananas ... if you were of a notion to have that many bananas and needed somewhere to put them.

Monday, November 19, 2012

patterns ...

when i was a girl, my mom sewed a lot ... she made dresses from patterns ... the patterns were tan crinkly tissue paper .... in my teens, i sewed a few dresses and skirts for myself .... even in my 20s i made a couple jumpers (it was the 80s, i was a teacher, jumpers were like a uniform).... but i never got as proficient as my mom was at sewing ... 

now i like patterns in my collages ... the paper is cool transparent ... i like the color too ... i like the wrinkles you can make ... 

 i have an art project going with little.e.beck.artist's class ... to make a piece of art to sell at an auction ... instead of taking in a horrifyingly white canvas, i've started it up with some dress pattern tissue paper .... that's a 24 inch square canvas ... nice sized ... 
 and then once i started putting tissue on stuff, i just kept going and put it on things that were just hanging around waiting to get worked on .... 

once again, starting projects ... not finishing them! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


i updated my books 2012 page .. i'm up to 96 ... and just read a GREAT series of novellas .... catch up with what i've been reading HERE ...

what have you been reading?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

small art

one teeny tiny brown dictionary paged canvas .... that is some not so thrilling artistic endeavor for the day, right? 
 so instead of taking a pic of the canvas and cropping it just so, i went ahead and gave you the left side of my art table .... kinda messy .... yikes! .... go to yesterday's post to see the right side .... i have some cleaning to do ... but predict that i'll just keep layering the mess til after christmas ... and probable after the trinity art show ... no time to clean up .... and one of these days i'll have to start completing paintings instead of just beginning them!
art every day ... blog every day .... exercise every day ... laundry every day ... it's good to have goals, huh?

Monday, November 12, 2012

oooops ...

uh oh ... apparently on my blog every day challenge, i am taking sundays off ... ok?

and at the beginning of the month, my posts were landing at 8 or 9am ... i would write them ahead ... all quite organized ... and now .. the day is coming to a close and i am squeeeeeeeeezing in a post ....
here is the right side of the mess that i call my work table .... that's an 18 by 18 canvas leaning on a pile of papers ... the canvas started purple ... light purple ...then i did a light blue layer and pulled some of it up with a plastic bag worries, i recycle the bags first by using a store bag, then by using it over and over til it is a painted colorful mess .... i usually use cloth sacks for my shopping, so not many plastic bags make it into my house, and i reuse and reuse .... after that blue layer, i put on a lavenderish dictionary page .... and right there i'll put something groovy ... some sort of statement ... just don't know what yet, ya know?  

happy artsy week to you .... 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

and again with the birds ...

yesterday's artistic endeavor was at my pottery class ... glazed one enormous bowl, that i imagine i'm donating to an auction ... that's the plan, but best not to plan too hard cause as soon as a piece of pottery is earmarked for something particular, it turns out horrid ....

and five more birds .... i can tell you one of these is pinkish, one yellow, one tangerine, one medium blue ... and i don't recall the other ... probably turquoise ... i generally default to blues shades ... i don't generally prefer them, but i think most people don't want all the orange that i want! in the pic, all the birds look white because, after i underlazed them, i dunked them in clear glaze to make them all shiny and lovely ....

these are on a cart just outside the kiln house, because at the LAST second, i realized i needed to snap a picture .... it was actually a second too late seeing as i'd just toted the big bowl into the kiln house ...

once these are out, i'll be up to ten birds ... not sure if that's enough for christmas gifts or not .... we'll see ...

Friday, November 9, 2012

every day

 this is a 12 by 12 painting that i'm having trouble finishing ... i want to fill it up with words but don't know what words to use ... alas, i'll keep thinking.... meanwhile, i am arting every day quite well ...
i'm also doing dishes and making meals and exercising and sleeping and breathing and blogging and eating and bathing every day .... how many things do you truly do every day ... oh ... i walk my dog every day .... and kiss ... i kiss someone every day ... i have some spare kissees luckily, cause my main one is out o' town ...

what do you do every day?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

multiplying birds ....

 i have been making bird bowls ... the above and below pics here are the same birds .... though you certainly can't tell that from the coloring of the birds .... red, orange, turquoise and true blue .... just another testament to my camera woes ...
 my art today for art every day was actually painting .. but not much to snap pics of ... soon though, i'm sure ...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

home sweet home

hope everyone in your home is happy today .... happy wednesday ....

day 7 of art every day month .... tra la la ....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


so ... i was at costco today .... buying my usual grapes, apples, bananas, berries and avocados ..... and looking at the unusual ... and found down right peculiar ...

with the cut flowers, i found these:

 what are they? aren't they odd? they look like pine cones only yellow turning orange ... and they feel like rubber ... and they are at the end of super thick, tough stems .... quite peculiar .... labeled as mixed flowers .... i felt compelled to buy the oddity ... they seem like they'll last for ages because of their rubberiness ... like how amaryllis can last a long time ... they don't appear to be wilters .... we'll see .... anyone have a name for me?

my art today is a nest ... i'm not sure it's finished .... on a 12 by 12 canvas ... with a dictionary background ....

wow is it nesting time here ... it was a cold and rainy day .... it was election day and my youngest didn't have school ... we mostly nested ... stayed inside snug and warm .... except for a lunch date with pals and the aforementioned foray into costco .....

today is day six of art every day, aka, don't forget to blog every day about the art you're doing ... 

i hope you voted if you are in the u. s. of a. ..... regardless of whom you choose, voting is the right thing to do.

Monday, November 5, 2012

thanks for flowers and i need a new camera

 it is art every day ... and i have not posted my 8am blog update ... darn ... it is nearly 8pm ... so much for preblogging and preposting to keep me from the frantic last minute post .... day 5 and i'm already slacking.... alas.

here is a tiny 6 inch square canvas i worked on a bit today ..... thanks for the flowers.amen.
i usually snap pics of my art on sunny days. the sun is down. so i took pics inside with my camera ... and they were HORRID ... really, really horrible.... so i tried my phone and voila ... just fine .... larger it gets grainy, but for here for this, it is fine, right? how come my phone is a better camera than my camera? rhetorical. never mind.

so, thanks for the flowers. and the orange leaves. amen.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

diy gifty ....

 so i'm still doing art every day .... and, actually, more to the point, blog every day .... and i'm to a whopping day 4 ... pre blogged on day 3 .... but showing on day 4 ... so, yeah, maybe i'm cheating ... but the spirit of this for me is more art, and consistent posts for however long i can manage ..hopefully a month ...

and this is what i did:
 i finished off a ceramic cross .... i dry brushed it with a couple different brown paints ... the texture pushed into the clay stayed white ... because it's white clay ....
and then i even artistically wrapped it .. that counts right? so double artsy for me .... bonus points for a DIY gift and not having to shop for a baptism brunch momento .... one of my daughters is coming with me to the party because we are going to it on the way to another thing we have to do ... she wasn't thrilled .. then she said, WAIT, will there be an actual baby there? ... yes ... well that's ok then, she said.
babies make things better.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hi high

i am not that short.
i am oddly bending my knees so that the top of my head wouldn't be cut off in the picture by the sculpture.
i could have stood up straight but didn't realize it.
instead i look goofy to myself.
i went to the high museum in atlanta.
i love that place.

i went to a new(ish) exhibit ... called fast forward:  100 years .... modern moments ... or something like that.

they picked pivotal years from the last 100 and showed bunches of art from that year ... it was interesting mostly because of the differences in styles in each year.

my very, very, very, very, very most favorite part of the exhibit was the LAST room. just before the gift shop. and artist named sarah sze had done and EXTRAORDINARY (oh my gosh i loved it) art installation.

go google her ... and then go to images .... i couldn't find a great site for her ... you could try this one .... and do a slide show of grooviness down at the bottom where it says selected works ...
and ... here's one more bloggish article ...

i do love a good trip to a museum.

i also love a good foray into my art studio ... hence, making myself get there and get to it more often, i have joined art every day month ... to work in my studio EVERY day ...

we'll see how that goes ...

hopefully i will start working on more than just backgrounds to paintings!

Friday, November 2, 2012

the rut vs. the groove

 sometimes you are in a rut,  in a spot where you've gotten kind of into a spot where you do the same thing.
sometimes you are in a groove, in a spot where you've gotten kind of into a spot where you do the same thing.
one is good.
one is bad.
i'm in a groove ... good
i'm in a rut ... bad

but maybe it is the exact same thing, it just depends on your perspective, right?
i've been painting lots and lots and lots and lots of backgrounds ... because they are fun and easy and happy and relaxing and nice and easy and ..... and i'm procrastinating getting anything finished, completed .... i'm a great starter .... a twist my arm first finisher.
i'm painting again.
now i just need to finish a painting, huh?

this is day two of my art every day posts in november ... click here to read about it ...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

not dog poop. NOT.

here are two twelve inch square canvases, done up in maps and turquoise glazing.
 i just do nice backgrounds without a plan for the foreground usually.
on one of them, i started to put a nest.
but my dog sat on it.
before it was fully a nest.
so it looks a bit like dog poop.
but it is not.
it is going to be a nest. 
a nest.
on a groovy, mappy, turquoisey*** background.
without poop.
i promise.

****when i write the word turquoisey, (a) it is underlined in red as being not a word, (b) it is so a word, and (c) when i say it in my head as i write, i pronounce it tur-kwah-zee ... in case you were wondering.

********* i've joined a group ..... i'm doing art every day month ... i'll do something artsy every day and blogging it each day in november .... wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

chirp chirp

things are flying along smoothly in pottery class this semester.
i was stuck on a non-fussy sort of piece that i could make in multiples for christmas gifts .... 
i tried (and mentioned in the last post) angels ornaments.
too hard.
too fussy.
too much.
so i moved on.
to a bird platter... or kind of bowl... with bird bits.
and i'm happy.

below are two finished birds .... and one that still needs glazing ... he is actually in the kiln as i type.
he's going to be red.
the day i snapped this pic, i also made four fresh ones ... so they are in the bisque fire ... 
ready to be glazed .... 
my christmas shopping list just got cut in half ... 
yippee for that ... 
i'd much rather be at pottery than holiday shopping.
too bad my kids and husband don't want pottery for christmas.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

bowl bliss

i like making really, really, really big bowls in pottery ..... 
i'm not so into little fussy things .
i recently tried to figure out if i could make something or other for christmas gifts.
i tried little ceramic angel ornaments. 
i made two.
it took me forever.
they were too small and fussy.
i got them back from bisque and glazed them and got them back again.
i liked them.
but i looked at them and just saw fussy and slow and small.
i gave them away without ever snapping pics.
they were nice enough.
but apparently the process is just as important to me as the product.
nothing fussy please.

here is the beginning of a bowl ... and a finished one too... 
the one on the left is wet clay.
the one on the right is anne's blue glaze with a brushing of impossible purple over it.
anne's blue is super brownish if you don't add the impossible.

 so big bowls work for me.
plenty of artistic space to mess about in.
nothing HAS to look a particular way (like, no pesky halos ... or unlopsided eyes)
just a bowl.

this bowl has been donated to my church auction party next weekend.
i hope it goes to a good home.
i think it would be good with a salad in it.
or full of fruit. 
apples would look especially good. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

be awesome. ok.

a pal mailed this to me ... i plan to put it somewhere important ... but so far, it's just kind of floating around in my life on, around, and near my computer and/or calendar..... it's not a bad thing to regularly be reminded to be awesome.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

chocolate joy

 if you best pal was having a birthday, and you decided to throw her a party .... excuse me, a PAR-TAY, what would you do to make it special?

well, let's say she loves chocolate .... would you put roses in an MnM vase? and put it on the kitchen bar?

or maybe you'd set a table for a dinner party for her ... and use hershey's bars as the runner? 

or you'd wonder why you bought SO many roses at costco and make a york peppermint patty vase of flowers?

maybe, if your pal was having a birthday, you'd make your kitchen table double sized  so you could invite lots of people to dinner and use 72 bars of hershey joy for the extra long runner?

that runner is way bigger than the tiny happy birthday sign on the wall .... just dug that out of the birthday decorations box, huh?

but snickers? she loves snickers, right? .... so maybe make some special snicker candle holders?

all that chocolate coloring on the table, maybe you need to dig out some martini glasses and some birthday junk out of the decoration box and toss liberally with, wait for it, more chocolate?

so then you set the table with a kind of chocolate pattern: martini, snicker, martini, snicker, hershey, snicker, martini, snicker, martini.

oh, don't forget to get your fanciest tray out and pile it with appetizers ..or snickers ....
and see that double boxed present in the pic above? gloriously wrapped in the funny papers? guess what's in it!!?? more chocolate of course ... andes mints and choco covered cherries ... birthday girl favorites ... and ... guess what every single guest gifted the birthday girl? yup ...

chocolate is grand.

Monday, October 22, 2012

painted papers of the rainbow variety ...

 i have a project going on ... and i have hundreds of painted papers filed on clipboards by color ... but it was easier to paint new ... so i did ....

 happily, the art room floor doesn't mind getting a bit of paint on it ....
i don't think the dictionary minded the paint either.

this is all good news if you are an ardent blog follower (hi mom!) because it means i might actually show you art sometime soon ...