Monday, April 13, 2020

Tansy in the Pandemic

Tansy is a retired ICU nurse during the pandemic. 
She began the pandemic thankful to be off the front line of the medical war on CoronaVirus. 
Early on her friends would call and text about her opinions on social isolation (do), toilet paper hoarding (don't), purell (yes), handwashing (lots), masks (unclear, can't hurt)  and alcohol (cheers!). 
Now her friend with a mother in ICU on a ventilator calls her every couple of hours. 
Tansy is happy to talk her through this hard thing. 
Tansy just heard that a nurse has died, the first frontline pandemic health care worker in her state. 
Is it time to go back to work? 

Pandemic Personalities with Sprinkles. Zinnia. Andy Warhol Action Figure.

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