2017 books


sister carry for january tennis book club ... did not love this ... old and dull

the power of one for church lady book club in january ... epic novel about africa .... coming of age story ... excellent story ... even more fun because we african food at book club ...

i'm in a harry potter book club ... and i'm basically just rereading these over and over again non stop ... haha ... but i love the book club and the nuances that we discuss ....
harry potter and the sorcerer's stone by jk rowling
harry potter and the chamber of secrets by jk rowling
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban by jkr
harry potter and the goblet of fire by jkr

POETRY aimless love by billy collins ... SIGNED edition ... that julia gave me ... lovely lovely.  probably my favorite poet.

POETRY the complete collected poems of maya angelou. just wonderful.

POETRY blessing the boats by lucille clifton ... i loved this ... and felt a particular affinity to the poet who doesn't use capital letters...

POETRY best loved poems edited by neil phillip ... lots of new to me poems ... lots of poems i read in school as a child ... lots of poets i have heard of but didn't recall their poems ... like a poetry refresher ... it is interesting to me how different old poetry is from modern.

POETRY decembers poems .... by jim perkins, a friend of my mother in law .... he wrote one each christmas for many years .... irony, humor, sentimental

POETRY rest in the knowing by (i met her/know her) Lynda Allen .... my favorite poem is 'for i am one" ...

today will be different by maria simple .... for my first book club .... i LOVED it .... this totally discombobulated woman just made so many bad choices that made me laugh ... and just when you worry that they are going to fall back on the standard "he had an affair" thing, it isn't ... it's way better/funnier/more surprsing.... good laugh

the perfect son for tennis february book club ....


end of your life book club for church lady book club in february (at my house/my pick) .... made me want to read all the books mentioned ... had read some .... i think a novel about what you are reading and how it changes you or effects your day to day is very accessible .... the woman in the story, the one at the end of her life, was lionized by her son ... lovely book

unexpected by kg fletcher .... yay ... we met the author ... she came to my first book club ... she talked about her life and writing and her next book which i will for sure read .... the book is a romance .... with suspense ... it's a new genre .... fun. easy to read.

harry potter and the half blood prince by jk rowling
harry potter and the order of phoenix by jk rowling
harry potter and the deathly hallows by jkr
harry potter and the cursed child by jkr .... actually have already read this three times ... it is the play manuscript

my grandmother told me to tell you she's sorry .... i picked this one for march tennis book club ... i loved the voice, the young girl, the ornery grandma with some mystery to her .... the whole thing seemed like a parable.. loved it...

POETRY what my hand say by glenis redmond .... i heard glenis at the first life is a verb camp ... and she came back in 2016 ... and i met her and i love her. "i hope these words from my hand speak to your heart" she inscribed. they do.


underground railroad by colson whitehead ... for church ladies book club ... i loved it .... a mix of history with fantasy ... like, there was an actual factual train in the underground tunnel ... some hated that part ... epic story of one woman's life ....

the shack ... because it came out as a movie ... read it long ago ... liked it both times .... charming depiction of god as a woman. i like that part!

POETRY picnic, lightning by billy collins. he is always awesome. i want to call him folksy or homey or comfortable ... but those words seem too simple for how powerful his poetry is.

coma girl 1,2,3,4,5,6


vinegar girl by anne tyler .... dysfunctional, oddball family .... with a modern day science professor dad trying to arrange a marriage so his research assistant can stay in the country .... quirky like anne tyler always is.

POETRY .... TORN by c. dale young .... i've read this book a couple of times in the last maybe year .... some of these poems are EPIC.

POETRY ... the trouble with poetry by billy collins. i laugh every time i read the title of this collection of  poems .... i always look for "monday' to read first.

POETRY ... mules of love by ellen bass. yes. when i read poetry, i always think that this is the poet that is most like me. like, she knows what i think and writes it down for me. that's surely now what she think of her poetry ... but it makes me like her extra.

language of flowers ... church ladies book club

lost and found by jacqueline sheehan .... we ended up being oddly morbidly chatty about our funerals at this book club .... a woman lost her husband and then is saved by a dog ... and then some murder stuff, ya know how that goes? .... so love and loss and murder and a dog and a happy ending.

a paris apartment ... first book club

two family house ... for tennis book club at beginning of may ... LOVED this book .... complex characters, great story

body movers by stephanie bond .... a murder mystery and a romance ... and quite comical .... the kid brother is hired by a body mover for murder scene body removal .... the girl's ex fiancee might be the murderer ... she might be framed .... all sorts of stuff to sort out ....


POETRY complete poems of e.e.cummings .... i didn't read all of it this go ... but i read enough of it to write it down on this list!! haha.

persepolis ... church ladies book club .... graphic novel about iran .... just excellent .... love that such a serious story can be told in such an artistically appealing form ... 

crimes against a book club by kathy coopeman .... a funny, weird book that was recommended because it was free on kindle ... and who doesn't love free .... but it was perfectly good .... two women who needed cash for noble reasons, made it off a wealthy book club/group of women in a very unscrupulous manner .... spoof on affluent white women book clubs .... i'm thinking/hoping i don't fit the stereotype .... i'd never spend that kind of money on a lotion potion ... haha. thank goodness.

the bucket list to mend a broken heart .... by anna bell .... a kindle sale book .... romance .... i'm a bucket list sort of girl and a biking sort of girl ... making this book appeal to me .... and it was sweet.  good book.

the forgotten recipe by amy clipston  ... AMISH .... i love amish books. they are always just the sweetest romances. 

POETRY BOOK milk and honey by rupi kaur.... really a heart breaking and powerful book of poems around hurting, loving, breaking and healing. ... my daughter recommended it which made me love it more.

i like you fine when you're not around by ann graven ... for june 1 tennis book club ...

the nix ( i listened to this while walking ) .... great book ... kinda epic ... crazy story about a writer, his present and his past and his mom's past .... reinventing yourself.


the readers of broken wheel ... sarah flew across the world to meet a friend that she'd made over the internet due to a shared interest in  books .... ended up discovering herself in an oddball little town ... quite enjoyed this one ....

-marked by dragon's blood .... so many typos but a lovely invented  fantasy land and a good story ... can imagine it as a movie or tv series ...

-fueled by dragon's blood ... by n.m. howell ....
***** book 3 comes out end of july ... NOTE TO SELF TO GET IT ....

witch is when it all began ... by adele abbott .... a witch PI mystery ... she finds out she's a witch ... but keeps her day job ....
witch is when life got complicated (book 2) by adele abbott
witch is when everything went crazy .... book 3 by adele abbottt

murder any witch way (book 1 of brimstone bay mysteries)
witch way to hallow's bay (book 2) by n.m.howell .... journalist witch in a small town
bewitch you a merry xmas (book 3) ^ like that ....
witch souls to save (book 4) of nm howell books

the signature of all things ... june ...wednesday church lady book club

orphan train  by christina kline for my first book club ... june


a man called ove by fredrik beckman ... for my first book club ... read already for another book club ... but enjoyed it enough to read it again ... AND it's just so much faster the second go round!

you and i and someone else .... by anna schanchner ... july wedn. church lady book club

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