Tuesday, October 28, 2008

oh my!

....i'm doing a show on saturday ... which means set up on friday afternoon .... which is halloween .... adding a touch of frenzy to an already frenzied type of day! .... 
but for today ... i worked on a couple canvases ... didn't finish any .... and then tried to get organized for the show ... it sure would help me if i was JUST organized ... instead of trying to create organized with a deadline! .... 
i'm trying to make my inventory sheet and have three paintings that i have no record of ... they aren't on flickr ... i don't think i've blogged them ... they are just here .... magically mystically ... maybe elves painted them instead of going to the shoemaker's house? 
so i'll get pics of them tomorrow .... and post them here and on flickr ... i kind of use flickr as my inventory sheet ... i can tell when i painted something and find it easily by looking in the different sets ....
i made a fresh set today of the paintings that will be at the show this weekend ... check them out at this link ..... 
and i might finish another canvas tomorrow ... though i don't know if i have enough hours in the day actually ... a pediatrician appt (mono check), tennis match (foolishly in 40 degrees), haircut (i have a short do that needs cutting more often ... might need to rethink that!), and working on getting my ducks in a row for the saturday show .... oh sure, that sounds like i'll have time to paint .. uh huh ... i'll just keep telling myself that! 

do you work better busy? 
or do you thrive on empty days? 


aimee said...

what a reverse of the norm! usually someone would be looking for three paintings that they just knew they had, but couldn't find them. so you have three extra paintings - that's great!

empty days sound better in theory, but i thrive the most when i'm busy.

good luck with the show!

3rdEyeMuse said...

may all the pieces fall into place without serious amounts of struggle.

I like both sorts of days, but I do tend to be much more focused and efficient on task completion when I am seriously under the gun. :) Yep, sort of thrive on it.

I just took a quick peak at the show pieces ... sooo much goody goodness!

Chris said...

Oh, e. e, e, e.
I checked these out and you are a delight. WHAT more could you possibly expect of yourself? You are ONE WOMAN, and you've achieved all this! It would be really cool to be at your show. Give all details, a play-by-play. I'll check in every hour Saturday until my scary movie marathon starts and the popcorn is popped. Then I'll check in again Sunday.

I am not sure in which atmosphere I prefer to work, but I do know that when I'm busy, I get a lot more done. However, it may not be as filled with the muse's grace as the days when I'm blessed with time and free of rules. So, I guess it's just a matter of what project works and when.

Which is a lame answer, but it's the best I can do right now. I'm swamped!

see you there! said...

Busy or not doesn't seem to matter as much for me as setting deadlines does. That's why I like to do swaps, etc.

Good luck with your show.


artmom said...

As a basically organized person, I do better when I have the uninterrupted time to paint and when I do not have a deadline although a deadline always helps at the last push....does that make sense? maybe not! If my schedule involves not-art stuff, I do better on deadline.hmmmmmmmmmm

Chris said...

Hey, I finally read your interview with Creative Construction. Can you believe that? I printed it out before all my deadlines were coming up! Anyway, it's really nice to read a bit about your work your life, and your non-guilt. Now I'm going to go over the snoop on your Flickr. Still haven't done that, either.

Hope your show prep is going well!

Anonymous said...

good question
not sure of my answer -- but I think I work better on busy days -- but do still enjoy empty ones
like tomorrow