Saturday, October 24, 2009


hooray, i got the journal in the mail ... the one that i mentioned in my last teeny tiny blog post .... the sketchbook project  .....
the interesting thing is that i got it in the mail and it is about a tenth of the size of the  journals i usually work in ... not size, dimension small ... but number of pages small .... which is really truly great for me ... cause it is due in december ... and it is much more doable with fewer pages... especially because,  before even starting this journal project? i found another project ... that i have signed up for ... and even started doing the prep work for .... i've either lost my mind or will lose my mind .... i'll letcha know! 
be forewarned ... blogging might be light! unless i really can do this and post snips of my writing on the blog .... wish me luck ... november 1 is just around the corner ... eek!


aimee said...

way to go elizabeth! i hope you'll share bits of your writing here - i'm in awe of those who sign up for this!

cath c said...

hey, writing buddy me - cath c hampton roads, va region