Wednesday, January 26, 2011

... over metaphored ... and back to painting ....

i've been a bit overwrought, discombobulated, chicken with my head cut off ... treading water to keep up ... and never getting to the good stuff ... oh! oh! i love a good metaphor ... i am trying to snorkel in the most beautiful clear aqua waters off a deserted tropical island ... but i can't get the water out of my snorkel or the sand out of my pants ... and i'm so busy working on getting situated that i miss the seashells and the fish and the coral reefs and that gigantic shark that might come eat me .... ok ... over metaphored ... i have no shark trained on my legs as i try to get sand out of my swim suit ... but i am not doing what i want to do because i seem to have too much of what i need to do ....

but not today... today, i had a busy first thing, but told myself (wrote it down even) that i would be painting by nine thirty ... and i was ... i also told myself that i would stay in my studio until one o'clock....and not get distracted by all the things that are just too distracting for me to say no to ... so ... i mostly stayed downstairs in the studio ... i came up about five times ... the first time to get slippers ..... cold feet were just not doing it for me ... the second time, i raised the thermostat ... still cold ... the third time, to check my calendar cause i'd gotten an important phone call ... the fourth time to refill on caffeine ... and so it goes .... BUT ... each time i came up, i did not check my email/facebook/flickr anything ... i just got back to work as fast as i could ... whew! it has been a LONG LONG LONG time since i've had a nice long block of time in my studio .... and i finished the five hundred forty three zillion paintings that were half done ... or ... actually, i finished eight ... they took anywhere from ten minutes to an hour and a half .... but they are done ... why was i so procrastinating on getting them done? why can't i get myself to do that block of time more often ? why am i doing the things that are supposed to's and should's and skipping all together the LOVE to's???

so ... more love to's for me .... have you been doing what you love?

and just a p.s..... i'm having trouble with my new computer's photos ... i can't grab the edited pics ... so above, uncropped ... just one more thing i need to work on!

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see you there! said...

Turn those "love to's" into "should's" and put them at the top of your list.

I like this painting although I must say the figure in black looks a little gloomy to me. Have you been gloomy?