Thursday, February 13, 2014

bucket list joy.

here in the deep south, we are not snow people ... i am even less of a snow person, being a florida girl in my bones .... even long removed from florida, i am so summer and so NOT winter.

and we had an ice storm yesterday ... and a snow fall last night ... and the world outside my window is gorgeous and white and silent .... but i'll just stay inside thanks.

i was looking out the window at the snow and thinking about snow things .... skiing, winter olympics (yay curling), snowmen, pity for my dog who is about as snowy souled as i am ... and i wondered if i had anything snowy on my bucket list ... antarctica ... just antarctica, i think .... so i went to my bucket list ... which is an electronic post it note on my desktop ... and i organized it .... yup, i have snowed in days off and instead of cleaning my closet or kitchen cabinets or my studio like my friends seem to be doing, i cleaned up my bucket list ... i organized it .... by continent mostly ... by to do and done ... and have saved it to a doc and to this blog ... here it is if you want to dream yourself.... 

do you have a bucket list? 
is it overlong like mine? ...seriously, i'm sure i can't get through all of those due to time and financial constraints. but it's fun to dream.
is there something i'm missing? something to add?

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