bucket list to do / bucket list done

bucket list


-dry tortugas ... boating, camping if you do an overnight
-back to the everglades with my kids ... bike alligator alley
-drive the seven mile bridge in the keys.
-swim with manatees ... florida

-macy's thanksgiving day parade in nyc....
-take kids to niagara falls

*******OUT WEST
-overnight white water rafting/camping ......would be best if it was grand canyon!
-alaska .. cruise, northern lights, 24 hour daylight (ha, more than one trip then) -the bixby creek bridge in big sur is GIANT and high ....world's highest single span bridge near red wood forests ... also go to sea lion point trail and the whalers cabin museum .....
-mount rushmore
-biking san juan island off oregon/washington coast .... ORCAS
- las vegas weekend! andy's already done this ... now i want to do it with him! 
-utah, homestead crater pool in the wasatch mountains 
-carlsbad caverns, new mexico
-dinosaur dig
-dude ranch ... like:AZ Family Vacations – Horseback Riding Ranches – Ranch Vacations - Tucson Hotels
-seattle- chihully garden and glass …. museum/installations

*******HAWAII ... just go!
-active volcano

-prince edward island whale watch
-sleep aboard schooner trip
-vancouver island ... bike trip? kayak with orcas?Sea Kayaking with orcas - Vancouver Island, BC
or biking ... Vancouver island touring info. Perhaps combine Victoria, gulf islands, and the old island highway for a tour up to Courtenay/Cumberland and the Riding Fool hostel in particular. Denman and saltspring islands are flat for biking.



-sail the panama canal

-belize, blue holel
-easter island chile
-tierra del fuego, argentina to see penguins .....gentoo penguins and magellanic penguins

-ireland, cliffs of moher
-the rijkmuseum in amsterdam. (it was closed for ten years for renovation ... opened 2013)
-noirmoutier france ... an island ....the road is covered at high tide
-spain hike .....camino de santiago
-watch running of the bulls in pamplona
-hike around mont blanc in italy, france and switzerlandCircumnavigation of Mont Blanc - In Photos: 10 Bucket Trips For 2012 - Forbes

ASIA/south pacific
-stay in a hut/hotel over water ... tahiti perhaps?
-learn how to make a sand mandala ... or see monks in india make one.

-in and of itself on the bucket list.
-how many types of penguins can i see?
-cruise ... from patagonia

-whitsunday island australia
-iceberg pools at bondi beach
bungee jump .... zorbs  (those giant balls you get in to roll down a hill ... white water rafting

-gorilla trip to central africa
- south africa ... especaily the penguins... stony point penguin colony ... black footed penguins..
-OR table mountain natl park near cape town for african penguins
-OR blouberg beach outside cape town
-east african safari to see Big Five: lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and the Cape Buffalo.

-schooner trip USA
-see the northern lights USA or EUROPE
-sailing trip with family USA
-dude ranch (trail ride/sleep over) USA
-overnight white water rafting/camping ......would be best if it was grand canyon!
-go to a bar and buy everyone a round ... this round is on me! 
-sea turtle camp/conversation ... watching babies go to sea at night

bucket list complete

north america
-yellowstone, old faithful
-yellowstone, herd of bison
-all major dc monuments (yay! with the kids)
-san diego zoo
-st. louis arch
-bike the golden gate bridge, san fransisco
-niagara falls

south america
-galapagos snorkeling
-galapagos turtle in the wild
-galapagos penguins
-galapagos blue footed booby

central america
-surfing (costa rica)
-zip lining (costa rica)
-hike in rainforest/BONUS waterfall (costa rica)

-stonehenge england
- greece, parthenon
-paris, eiffel tower
-paris, louvre
-blue lagoon in iceland (and a whale watch there!)The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (done may 2015)

-great barrier reef
-sydney harbor on new years eve
-climb the sydney harbour bridge
-bondi beach
-fairy penguins!!! in Phillip island nature park
-hold a koala bear



ziplining ... costa rica, georgia

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