Monday, February 11, 2008

what are you persnickety about?

i started painting with acrylics in some post bac art classes in 1988ish.... i think ... and i used liquitex tubes ... i had some jars .. but mostly tubes .... then four or five years ago i started using golden's ... they are more expensive ... but i was trying to be "serious" about my paint .... i love them... they mix well ...they have a great smooth texture ..... about a year ago i needed a better black for my edges .... what i was using was bugging me .... and the liquitex basic looked like it came in a good tube for that ... not a toothpaste tube that you have to pinch and squeeze and torture ... a gently forgiving plastic squirter.... i  loved it ...not too pricey but good edge coverage ... and that's important cause my edges are frequently junky with bunches of oozed over collage or medium ....  that liquitex basic is awesome .... i have it in a couple colors .. but love it for the black ..... and then .... within the last year ... pearl's was having a sale on some of its store brand i just bought "pretty" ones .... and i ADORE them .... they are scrumptious .... and colors that i don't have many other tube acrylics in ..... so .... some artists are true to a brand ...only like a certain acrylic..... not me .... van gogh has a red that is primo fabulous bestest ever ..... can't live without it! what are you like? brand loyal to your paint? to your shampoo? to your soda? 

i am brand loyal to my soda... i should just go ahead and have diet coke tattoed to my forehead ... it would help waiters and waitresses ..... should have done it 20 years ago! 

i am not brand loyal to shampoo .... i have a favorite ...until it isn't my favorite ...and then i change ..... i was using nexxus something or other had grapefruit conditioner ... that i LOVED ... and then they switched graperfruit ... and i stuck with it ...until i saw burt's bees had grapefruit! ....had to have it .... so, for the minute, i'm burt's bees brand loyal.....
i'm getting more brand loyal to my canvases ... i didn't know that, until i got some i didn't love ... same with brushes ... i'm not brand loyal ...but the more i paint, the more persnickety i get ... persnickety is just another word for brand loyal ... did you know that? 

so, are you a brand loyal type? always buy the same something or other? used the same ________ (fill in the blank) your whole life? what's your favorite paint? color? shampoo? underwear brand? ..... i have no underwear loyalty .... i probably should ..... i have to rethink and refigure every time ... it would be easier to just KNOW ..... anyway? what's your persnickety? 


Anonymous said...

am I brand loyal??? --you bet!! Diet Dr. Pepper all the way...and Land O Lakes for butter....Ladies Jockey for me, please....I was brand loyal to Toll House chocolate morsals until they started being processed where there's it's Hershey's Chips all the way....and the boys in my house pretty much only like Tropicanna....I switch around on hair products every couple years....AND, did you know that Burt's Bees is from Durham, NC?!?
I'll always have Diet Coke for you---that's what David drinks, too! --Roberta :)

Heidi ( said...

We (like R&D) drank Diet Dr. Pepper for years and years...then we suddenly stopped! I'm so brand loyal I don't even know the brand name, just the pictures. And, I'll tell you one opposite fact--I hate buying "store" brand anything!

see you there! said...

Coffee has to be Peets. Mayo has to be Best Foods. Other than that, I do have some favorites in the food dept. but will compromise sometimes for a sale.

As for art? Goldens Acrylic Mediums. I tried others and don't find they work as well.


Jeannie said...

WHAT!? A tough question this early in the morning? you must have mistaken me for a intelligent person...

Hmmmm brand loyal - not much of a pop gal - but mt dew is my drink of choice if pushed to the edge.
I have 3 brands of lip balm in my purse at the moment.
Okay -- I will only by Kraft Mac & Cheese!!!
does that count?
Prefer addi-turbo knitting needles but they are the pricey ones

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm. . . let's see here. RALPH LAUREN interior matte paint for the wood pieces we make and paint. BUT, I will say that until I splurged on Ralph 'just once' I bought whatever was on sale at the time. Ralph went on 'like butta!' and covered wonderfully. And turns out to NOT be more expensive considering the great coverage.

DELTA matte varnish. (low odor and water base; some smells trigger my asthma)

Hair color; L'Oreal

Dr. Pepper; regular or diet (unless they switch to using Splenda. I'm allergic to Splenda!)

Hanes undies for me and the Mr.


Shae said...

Hmm, good question...this should posted on the loop as a QOTD, e! But yes, I am brand loyal to some related, usually...but I'm too tired to actually THINK about it! I am brand loyal to mney though...I like it to be from America and in large denominations!

Vallen said...

Mayonnaise!! I'll paint with anything but I've got to have Best Foods/Hellmans mayo or none at all.