Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's an art blog quiz!!

quiz day!

i spent the day today doing art at allison's .... rah for that, huh?

i completed two small canvases (not as much as i wanted, i think i talked too much)....

..... here, study them before you take the quiz :
and here ....
and here's the quiz....

1.pick which one answer is correct ...
a. e.beck.artist is overjoyed with both paintings
b. e.beck.artist loves one and hates one
c. e.beck artist likes one and isn't happy with the other
d e.beck.artist really doesn't care for either one, what was she thinking
e. i.the.quiz.taker doesn't care what thinking

2.explain your answer to question 1

3.if e.beck.artist was giving things away, would you want one of these, and if so, which one?

4.if e.beck.artist gave you one of these, what would you do with it.

take home quiz answers must be turned in to the comment section by may 2 at 9pm EST to count towards your final grade


see you there! said...

#1 - B
#2 - e.beck knows a good thing when she see's it :-)
#3 - I'd want the first one
#4 - I'd hang it in the GD's bedroom at the Mt. house. The room has lots of red and yellow and I've been looking for something to hang above the desk.

Now how long do I have to sit here with my fingers crossed?


cath c said...

my goodness! what have i been doing all week that i just realized i've gone over a week w/o a visit here? just caught up. fun, fun, fun and funky beautiful art as always...and i am sending your sayings blog to dh at work for a perusal!

1. e. i know how i am about my creations once they're done - they can always be improved. so i am guessing you have similar tweaking feelings. but i like them both. so there.

2. see above.

3. i can't choose, both are thoughts i need to see on a regular basis.

4. i have two places either could go, wall straight ahead down the hall from the front door, and at the top of the stairs. (not that i'm dropping a twofer hint by any means!!!)

artmom said...

oh my....I thought I knew you better that I guess I do! I think that C. is the answer to #1 because The top one is not quite as delightful as the other! the bottom one flows so well with the heart wings pushing the border.....
I would like either and would hang either or both in my studio or kitchen where I could see it daily!
now you have me very curious

liesel said...

1. C
2. I can't see you stating you "hate" the art.
3. I would want the upper one...i like the notion of the heart with wings coming my way.
4. I would place it near my desk so even as I was working I would remember what's important. I have my pics of the girls there too for the same reason. Also the colors would go well there.

Anonymous said...

1. C
2. I think you might be thinking that the bottom one is supposed to have better wings.....can I say that????
3. the first
4. Depends on size -- if 12 x 12 by my garage entrance hung with my green "house rules" you gave me, so we can see it every time we come in or go out :) If a mini 6 x 6 -- maybe by the computer where we sit a lot :)

--R :)