Thursday, June 3, 2010

.... we interrupt the regularly scheduled art blog ... to make excuses ....

my kids have been out of school for exactly one week now .... since then i have:
*played tennis six times (i'm not getting any better, but i really like it),
*golfed twice (all my kids are better than i am, and i'm trying to keep a good attitude in spite of a wicked slice...),
*taken the kids to the pool three times,
*finished an entire spray can of sunscreen
*played monopoly deal (my fave) 27 times,
*played oh heck 3 times,
*played backgammon 19 times,
*done 17 (estimating low there) loads of laundry,
*watched six episodes of deep space nine with the twins,
*watched three episodes of josie and the pussycats with little.e.beck.artist,
*gone to one graduation and the afterparty,
*gone to one graduation/memorial party,
*painted little.e.beck.artist's toe nails twice,
*fought a valiant (though losing battle) against ants in my kitchen,
*taken the kids shopping for summer church shoes, swim suits and shorts,
*.... and i have not stepped one step into my studio YET ... yikes!
no art to report, but i'm living life large ....
how's your summer shaping up?


artmom said...

that's enough for one week!!!! Puts my easy week in the shadows! Love summer time when the livin' is easy - few meetings and obligations and a chance to catch up on all those put-off things...... there's that procrastination again!

cath c said...

your summer is off to an earlier start than ours...i'm still trying to figure out how to entertain 15, 11 & 2, simultaneously without just going to the pool or beach every single day. although that would make me happy!

aimee said...

what is oh heck?!

Chris said...

okay, I

Very Mary said...

baby powder around the perimeter - I tried it, I liked it, the ants did not...