Friday, March 2, 2012


last weekend i went to the high museum ... i saw fabulous art .... and i keep thinking about one piece .... matisse, when he was old and doddering and barely hanging on, wanted to keep creating .... he's say YOU THERE, paint all those papers blue ...and you ... paint some papers pink ... and all his people, his minions, his helpers would dart around and do his bidding ... GIVE ME the scissors ....and he'd cut .... GLUE this up there ... and so it would go ... maybe he was a sweet please and thank you guy .. but i'm guessing he was old and bossy ... and trying hard to get all his artsiness out of him before his last day .... i'm not criticizing the bossy, just saying i think he was. i am. i'm super bossy. i try not to be, but i am anyway. that's maybe another post. so, in his later days and years matisse became a collage artist using his own painted papers ... i like that. i do that.

so, the piece on the right is called maquette for nuit de noel ... it is his mock up for christmas eve ... this is his christmas eve ... i LOVE the colors ... and the only thing that screams christmas is the one shining star at the top .... and only if you know you are looking for christmas thematically .... and, this collage is huge ... maybe ten feet tall and four feet wide ... big, big ... and it is just a mock up ... a sketch ... because it was to be a stained glass window ... well of course it was, we should have guessed ... just look at the shape ....

it makes me want to use that window shape ... ok? i'm going to do that ...

that's what i've been thinking about.
stained glass windows.
cool colors.

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