Sunday, December 8, 2013

christmas lights

christmas time has turned into this giant season of competitive.
have you seen some of the crazy light videos?
i love this one!
are they all just trying to outdo each other? 
i don't do lighting.
i wildly admire those who do it. i just don't have that in me somehow.
but it's ok.
i some years put a wreath on each window ..
 it looks fancy and old fashioned on my house ... 
and sometimes, i put an electric candle in each window so the wreaths glow at night ... 
that is, if i can find the extension cords, the timers, 
enough light bulbs ... those little one are hard to find.
and if no one balks at having a candle "in MY ROOM?"
so sometimes it is just wreaths..... 
sometimes ribbons.
sometimes bare.
not competitive. just trying my best.
which sometimes is adequate ... and, yes, sometimes grand.
cut yourself some slack this christmas.
do what you can do and still be happy.
good intentions go a long way.

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