Thursday, December 19, 2013

christmas traditions....

my family has loads of christmas traditions ... christmas cookie baking .... certain decorations that are supposed to be just so .... two special christmas dinners ... one christmas eve, one christmas day ... and for that matter ... a special christmas breakfast after stocking presents ..... one tradition lately has been going to the nutcracker.... i danced in the nutcracker as a kid ... i was one of the kids at the party ... and a russian dancer .... and a spanish dancer ...  my ballet group did a modified version of the nutcracker ...we did not have the part that is my favorite though
.... mother ginger, the nesting doll that has little tumbling children dance and tumble out from her skirts.... do you know her? it's generally a man dressed up as a woman on a giant rolling cart? with a giant hoop skirt hiding the tumbling dancing dolls ..... this year, mr.e.beck.artist's office had a dinner party at the fox theater .... we were allowed on stage. i snuck backstage and got in the hoop skirt ... that probably should have been on my bucket list .... so maybe i'll put it on my bucket list so i can tick it off.

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