Wednesday, November 12, 2014

i went to camp

i spent this past weekend in north carolina ... near hendersonville ... at kanuga ... for camp .... i've been to kanuga loads of times ... i think i've loved every time .... it is a magical place .... but this time ... it was like double magic.....

the camp was called life is a verb .... and was run by the amazing patti digh who wrote the book life is a verb ....the book is about living your best life .... i have art in the book .... and i have used it as a sunday school curriculum for an art journaling class .... i've read my copy of the book countless times .... so..... pattie is amazing. the book is amazing. the camp was amazing. the people there were artists and musicians and writers and poets and dreamers .....they were amazing. it's almost too much to process to spend the weekend with so many that are so extraordinary .... i could write many blog posts just about the musicians ... or just about the poets (oh my gosh, the poets!) ... or the artists .... or the yoga instructors who made me think i should turn into a yoga sort ....   what?  haven't i don't a blog post on ten reasons i'm NOT meant to be a yoga sort? maybe not. but i could have.

so, i've spent some time since i came back, reestablishing a writing practice, nursing tennis elbow (wait, maybe that doesn't belong in this blog), thinking like a poet, and sorting through all the paraphernalia and paper bits i brought back and putting them into my camp journal ....

i'm not sure camp is a small thing ... but it is taking up a large spot in my heart and my brain right now ... stay tuned. maybe one day i'll be brave enough to share a poem i've written.  

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