Monday, January 5, 2015

the storied life of aj fikry ... book review

of the 87 books i read in 2014, the storied life of aj fikry was one of my very favorites.

the book was everything i love in a novel ..... a super quirky main character with an optimistic outlook ..... that character finding himself and simultaneously finding joy unexpectedly..... sometimes you read a book and all the characters are morally reprehensible ( donna tartt's, the secret history) or you just want them to pull themselves together and save themselves (like lots of characters in oprah's first many book club choices) .... or the book is so full of despair that you only finish it for the happy ending that doesn't happen (gap creek, by robert morgan)...... but aj fikry and most of the people he surrounds himself with are lovely people. aj gets dealt bad cards but makes a grand comeback .... all while living on an island (that i'd love to visit even though it is fictional) and owning a book store .... i think the book store story element was my favorite part ... lots of author name dropping and novel name dropping and literary metaphors .... this book is a about a bookseller and a bookstore and well written for book lovers.

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