Monday, May 25, 2015


i had a birthday in early may. when we went to yo yo ma's for hibachi birthday dinner, this was my fortune cookie. i loved it.

actually. i just lied to you. that was not my fortune cookie's fortune. i didn't like mine. so i traded it. "dibs on your fortune" works when it is your birthday. i traded for boy.beck.artist's ... no good ... then i traded for girl.beck.artist's .. not great ... then i traded for little.e.beck.artist's ... not right .... and then i finally put dibs on mr.e.beck.artist's ... and this was his .... you will travel to exotic places. perfect. i want that one. he willingly gave it up. luckily, we'll do all our exotic traveling together!

what do you do when you don't like your fortune cookie fortune? act more mature than i do, perhaps?

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