Saturday, May 23, 2015

leaves. walking.

i am a fitbit addict. i'm not sure i've ever discussed that on this blog. my fitbit and exercise and walking are currently more pervasive in my life than making art.... but just bigger than *making* art. i still think about art as much as usual. especially on walks.

i walk down a windy road every day at least once. lately, since the weather had been lovely, i've been doing it every morning and every evening. EVERY time i notice this plant. the leaves are giant.... don't know what it is. don't know if someone thinks of it as a weed ... it's in an untended spot ... growing wild and free ....

 so i always think about plucking a few leaves and doing rubbings of them ... or pushing them into some clay ... i love them and want to remember them. so i took a picture. though, hopefully, one day on the way to pottery, i hope to remember them and pluck some on my way .... a leaf bowl would help me remember how much i love seeing these giant leaves every day.
do you see ordinary things every day and still notice them? there's lots of stuff i don't notice. but these leaves are standouts. there are as eye popping to me as the foxes i sometimes see.
what do you see?

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