Saturday, September 27, 2008

poppy joy

this is a twelve inch canvas .... i used a map of england .... really, it was a map of france, but i just took the england portion of it! ..... one of my sister in laws gave this map, and many, many others, to me the last time she visited ..... this is one of the pieces i worked on friday... but am just getting around to posting today.... i have more to show you tomorrow .... i'd do it now...but i'm in a mad dash to get my painty self presentable for an evening out with a pack of friends..... mr.e.beck.artist is all adither that we are going out when there is just so much good football to stay home for .... the sitter is coming momentarily and i'm no where near ready .... very poor time management skills in this artist! .... 

how 'bout you? any fun this weekend? 


Jeannie said...

big doings here.
1 kid on church retreat. 1 kid had CC meet and one had a band contest. Then these 2 off to Homecoming dance.
DH and I enjoying a quiet house.
Tomorrow will be a nice sunday!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I really like how this poppy canvas has much of the map popping thru - it really adds to the whole piece. :)

fun ... we'll see ... Sadie and I are thinking this just might be a guerrilla art weekend ... will have to see.

hope you had a wonderful night out!

see you there! said...

Have a wonderful night out, tell mr.e.beck there will be many more football games to watch. We tend to schedule life around the games this time of year, LOL!


aimee said...

these are great colors. i LOVE turquoise and red together.

a crazy weekend. our neighborhood block party, the reading festival at the downtown library, tightrope walkers in the park, just fun oddness all around us :)