Wednesday, September 17, 2008

yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, maybe.......

yes, i've been doing a bit of art each day
no, i've not been doing as much as i'd like
yes, i've been a bit overwhelmed by the rest of my life
no, it surely won't last forever
yes, i've been looking for that missing canvas
no, i haven't found it
yes, i understand that tells you just how messy my studio, my life is at the moment
no, it doesn't really bug me at all usually
yes, it's just how i am
no, i don't have to prove anything to you 
yes, i do have a book backing me up on my theories of just how important that messiness is to my creative process
no, i'm not planning on cleaning the studio tomorrow
yes, i will find my photo card reader tomorrow and show you some pics ..... 

was your day today a yes or a no .... mine was a titch more no than yes .... i'm working on having a yes day tomorrow .... a yes day and photos of art ..... yes? 


see you there! said...

Maybe it is the full moon. The past couple of days here have had their little irritations. Nothing major, just days where little things break, or spill, or get stuck, or bits fall off (of things, not me, Hahaha).


i am very mary said...

I am seriously having the same issues. It's a Yes.No week around here!

Kelly said...

oh my goodness....that book is my life! and no, you don't have anything to prove to anyone. :-) it's been a reexamining my world and considering making some changes week for me. good changes, changes to give me more time kinda changes...