Sunday, May 13, 2007

birthday, mother's day and knitting

i just had a weekend trip away.....a fabulous road trip
i just had a birthday on my trip away....a fabulous birthday (i only lied a few times)
i just had a wonderful mother's day.....with a very dear husband and three children that give me boundless joy......

all that said, email me if you want the sappy, gooey, happy details......but my blog is about art!!

saturday, on my birthday, on a mountain top, by a lake, with friends and family, i journalled....for hours.....just perfect ...i doodled and i wrote and i doodled some more....i'd stop briefly to check on the fishing...or the boating....and i did take a nap....but an artsy day with my beloved black markers in my hand.....perfect.......just perfect.....

and then, somewhere during that day, sophie said she wanted to go learn to knit (we were at a camp with our church group) so i took her over to the knitting spot.....and watched my pal melinda teach my sweet six year old to knit......i haven't knitted since third grade..and looked familiar.....and i picked up a some yarn and some needles and whipped me out some knitting.....sophie knit too, but, again, this is MY art blog.....

today, on our drive home, i knit much of the way (except on the winding roads where the knitting was exacerbating the car sick feeling!) kids, qutie interested in my new knitty me, asked a zillion questions.....
what is it going to be?
i don't know
how do you finsih it?
i don't know
do you tie a knot?
i don't know
are you still going to put a button on it?
i don't know
how will you make a button hole?
i don't know
...and i really didn't ......i had figured out the knitting...and i was just winging it......and i figured out how to taper it off.....and then i just pulled the yarn though the last three loops i have.....anyone? is that right? i had a finished flat thing and my family was SO impressed.....i could have left it that way and it would have been fine...and yet......i got home.....and had a beautiful satin white ribbon in my mind....and couldn't find used a shoelace.....don't was of those round ones that come in sneakers but don't stay as soon as the shoes come home, ya have to change the some of those in my art room......laced that baby up.....found a tiny button...cause i couldn't figure out how to make a buttton hole! ....and there ya go....i made a little purse, wallet, business card holder, something or is not quite as artsy as it could needs some dangles and doodads and was mother's day...and i had to go sit on the couch and look relaxed while the family cooked dinner (linguini, pesto, scallops, mushrooms) and baked a day late candle laden dessert (brownies, i'm not a cake girl) ......
so, all in all a very happy weekend......and whaddaya know? i can knit! rock! and sophie has been knitting today,, e


*Heidi* said...

Happy goovy Birthday, eeee! How fun to get to celebrate with your 100 closest friends! Love your purse here...once I knitted slippers. Once. Yeah. I did. Once.

Jeannie said...

how did I miss the knitting blog??
Must have been when the computer went kaput!
Lovely knitting
what else have you two done