Thursday, July 26, 2007

a b c d e ....e, that's it....1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000...that's it...e6000, the stinky glue

on my last post, i mentioned e6000 ...the strongest, most fabulous, perfect artists' glue......and in the comments, heidi, artsy girl and writer of one of my favorite blogs, everyday cookies , asked about the e6000 stinky factor.......

so, this is my open letter to heidi......heidi, dear, roberta just told me on the phone that YOU said:
a: you think i'm cool
b: you think e6000 is too stinky
c: you wonder if my art is e6000 stinky.......
d: all of the above.....

so.....i smelled my art ....really, walked right up to
trout parrot and gave it a whif.......and it does not smell like e6000 ......and i have no explanation why on earth yours would stay stinky and mine does not......perhaps you are not closing your eyes, imagining flower scents, and chanting the proper incantation while waving your fairy wand......but i dunno.....maybe you are and it is still stinky...can't help you......

and just so you know....right after you got off the phone with roberta, we discussed in great detail:
a: how groovy YOU are
b: that "glue with letters and numbers"
c: stinky art
d: how lucky i am that she is visiting me
e: all of the above

tra la la.....i've done no art today...but plan to squeeze some in before my sister in law and two neices arrive for a surprise spur of the moment trip........

i can at least use the stinky glue!!


*Heidi* said...

wow...i'm honored...a whole posting just for my question! *blush* here's my wrap up:

a. got home from music practice tonight and read you blog (how was it I went straight to your blog...somehow knowing you'd post again!)... then went outside to RECHECK my E6000 glue. Yes, I store it OUTSIDE, even the bottle has residual of the smell! It says "E6000" so we are talking about the same glue!

b. came to the conclusion I am odor sensitive far beyond most people. i could smell it before i even picked the tube up!!!!!

c. came to the conclusion I should leave this fantastic glue for use by The Artist who know what they're doing!!!!!

d. came to the conclusion that THIS SUMMER YOU GOT ROBERTA AND I DID NOT! boo hoo lucky you!

e. e is reserved for eeee and e6000!

cheers, hugs, blessings, and tons of love to you all over there on the other side of the country!!!!!

*Heidi* said... the way... i don't think there is a word limit on these blog comments...maybe i could have kept writing in that last post?

lol too fun!