Friday, September 21, 2007

12 ... i'm going off long titles and i'm gonna just call this one 12, read about 12 now

i had a morning full of studio time ..... i worked on five canvases that are 30 inches by 10 .... so long and skinnnnny ...... i worked on giving them text and texture and depth ..... two are gorgeous.... two are fine needs some serious help .... or a coat of gesso to start over!!! regardless, it was a good art filled morning of puttering and working on this and that ..... i probably actually worked on about 10 different pieces ...... BUT .... during my studio time, i did NOT finish a piece ...OH NO .....we can't have that can we? why slow down now? so, tonight after dinner i worked on a small piece, this heart .... did the embroidery and called it a day ..... so, the mostly yellow background heart with turquoise is a six by six and entry number 12 .... yippee!!

this photo is a smidge of a piece i'm doing ...... it'll probably be saturday or sunday's entry into an art a day keeps the doldrums away ........
and my doldrums are definitely away! my sweet husband has been out of town all week and got home today, safe and sound .... and he brought me a GREAT artsy, groovy souvenir ..... i'll snap a pic tomorrow so you'll just have to come back!
happy weekend to you and yours ......

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