Saturday, September 15, 2007

if you put the word pear in this particular spot on the scrabble board are you effectively blocking future triple word scores?

hooray .... i finished a piece this morning .... pear, double word, 12 points! ..... andy and the twins were golfing ..... and i got it done before they came home .... all before sophie's soccer game! .... i used a burnt sienna glaze on the game board to age it ..... so the lines weren't glaringly white, actually ...... i was just going to do that at the bottom half to make a horizon line/table top ..... but i liked how it looked so much that i did the whole board and then added the blue-ness at the bottom of the game board for the horizon line ...... the blue-ness goes well with the double letter score square...... the pear is made of vintage dictionary ..... the brown background canvas also has a layer of dictionary pages ..... i usually make pears out of maps ... but it seemed reasonable that a scrabbley pear should be made out of a dictionary just to keep that whole letter thing going on ...... right?

.... and ... the grandest thing of all about being an artist? having fresh art whenever you want! ..... and when this was done? before the glue was even dry? popped it up in the family room ....redecorated all together .... took all the mantel pieces down and started fresh ...well, the monkeys are same old, same old ... but the rest is fresh ... there is actually another three foot canvas BEHIND the pears ..... so i can switch the look out on a whim now ......

....and ....if you are keeping track .... this is day six of "post a NEW piece of art for as many days in a row as possible" self challenge ......PNPAFAMDIRAP challenge ......

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Jeannie said...

the monkey's make me smile. :)

M took a blue monkey to be the team mascot at soccer today - and she is 11!
It worked they won.

I need art!! our walls are bare due to the fact that most of them are torn down or being put up --- when we are done I will use more art - I think I need the kids to get cracking on more for me!