Sunday, June 29, 2008

blog update

oh heavens!
i've been away! 
are there still any blog readers out there in cyberspace? 

i've been tagged by donna at mice and moon beams.... i try to really NEVER do tags as a rule ..... but, since i have no art to show you .... i will do as she asked and tell you three non-essential things ..... 

1 . i just spent nine days away ..... my family took my parents to yellowstone national park ...... i'd never been to wyoming before .... we went to montana for lunch.... twice .... and we went to idaho just so i could say i'd been ....... we did nothing but get to idaho and turn around.... we had to rush back to yellowstone ... SOOOO much to do and see there!

2.  i have about 150 pounds of stinky laundry to do ..... i got a slip in one of our bags ... i feel bad for the poor soul who randomly selected my stinkiest suitcase to search ...... it smelled when i opened it ...i'm sure they weren't pleased! .... the only bomb was a stink bomb of dirty laundry smells .....

3. i think the bison is the most under appreciated animal EVER .... i am in love with bison .... i want to come back as a bison in my next life.... i'll live in yellowstone and pose happily for tourist photos ..... especially if the tourists speak kindly to me .....

art? art blog? 
i am washing my second load of laundry .... when i dig myself out, i'll probably paint some buffalo or something ..... 


Anonymous said...

missed you
glad the trip was great
I miss the west!

see you there! said...

Welcome back. Bison are amazing aren't they?

Ok, stop reading comments and finish that laundry now.


Anonymous said...

--Roberta and all :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

bahaahaaa 150 lbs ... sounds like something I would lament about ... bet it's all (or nearly all) fresh and clean at this point ... phew.

missed you bunches & glad your back - of course you still have an audience! did you forget, "groovy is as grrovy does" - we all know that sometimes we gotta be in the does part of things. :) Sounds like a great trip!

glad the wedding story entertained - fun when a good memory can be shared and enjoyed by friends.

i am very mary said...

Bison are seriously under-represented in the art world. Seriously.