Tuesday, June 17, 2008

oh no!

oh no! 
i'm worried that my lovely readers are going to be mad at me!
please don't be disappointed ... buy everyone who took the test on the last post? you failed! 

a recap? 
what should i do with this painting? 
your answers? 
diverse, kind, well thought out, interesting ..... 

the right answer? 
paint over it girlfriend .... 
you haven't liked it for two years? ditch it!
don't fret over spilled milk... spill paint on it instead! 

so ... i changed it ALL together ...leaving only the central red heart .... 

is that ok? 
are you mad at me ..... 
are you disappointed that i didn't follow any of your wise advice? 
but....done is done! 
and so it goes .... 

ok.... now you have to comment on this post .... on a scale of one to ten, how annoyed are you? if you are barely speaking to me, you can just leave a 1 .... i understand ..... 


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

...well, i see i failed...however, i'll still speak to you...BECAUSE....

i said i liked the way the blue popped. and then you gave me a blue roof. i'm happy with that.


see you there! said...

It is YOUR art afterall. I'm going to miss that wild splashy piece tho.


Anonymous said...

i like the new one better.
Although there was somehting interesting about the first.
--Roberta :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

mad at you?!? that's just plain silly ... and not even a little bit annoyed. Amused, maybe. :)

... besides, I like this version WAY better.

lynn said...

man, i am so lame. had i taken the time to post (sorry got the summer busies and lazies all rolled in to one) I would have said to paint over it. Then I could be gloating right now that you took MY advice. Oh well, serves me right!!!

Jeannie said...

you are the artist
you have to do what is right for you!

but i have a tiny grudge so I am a 4 1/4

Kelly said...

paint away, my friend! who cares what you did with it as long as you are happy with it! ...yet of course, i like this version much better. :-) k