Saturday, July 14, 2012


i am a collector of quotes.
i love them.
i memorize some.
i vaguely recall others and then search online for their exact wording.

i have a board on pinterest full of nice words.
(i also have a pinterest board full of star trek geekdom,
harry potter geekdom, 

this quote, by buddha, i found online yesterday.
i wrote it down on a pink note card.
i searched for the perfect spot to hang it in my home.
my usual spaces are pretty full.
so i put it in the fridge.
it is hanging inside on the door
kind of behind the salad dressing
(my favorite is kraft light raspberry vinaigrette)
and behing the parmesan shaker.
so we'll all see it often.

it is probably a perfect quote for the board on my last post.
the one i was waiting to finish.
waiting for inspiration.
for months.

and now i've found that inspiration only because 
i spent two months being a blog slacker
and now i'm blogging my artsy life out of order.
out of order might be a good thing, huh?

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Kelly Warren said...

I love this quote too. I'm also a quote collector. I have a zip file of a gazillion organized by subject on my computer at work. I'll try to remember to send it to you.