Sunday, October 28, 2012

bowl bliss

i like making really, really, really big bowls in pottery ..... 
i'm not so into little fussy things .
i recently tried to figure out if i could make something or other for christmas gifts.
i tried little ceramic angel ornaments. 
i made two.
it took me forever.
they were too small and fussy.
i got them back from bisque and glazed them and got them back again.
i liked them.
but i looked at them and just saw fussy and slow and small.
i gave them away without ever snapping pics.
they were nice enough.
but apparently the process is just as important to me as the product.
nothing fussy please.

here is the beginning of a bowl ... and a finished one too... 
the one on the left is wet clay.
the one on the right is anne's blue glaze with a brushing of impossible purple over it.
anne's blue is super brownish if you don't add the impossible.

 so big bowls work for me.
plenty of artistic space to mess about in.
nothing HAS to look a particular way (like, no pesky halos ... or unlopsided eyes)
just a bowl.

this bowl has been donated to my church auction party next weekend.
i hope it goes to a good home.
i think it would be good with a salad in it.
or full of fruit. 
apples would look especially good. 

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