Sunday, October 21, 2012

changing seasons ....

i am sad.
i am a summer girl.
summer is just SO over.
i like hot weather.
i like flip flops .
i like days where you just need to be in that tiny speck of shade.
and now it's getting cool.
flipflops are not the appropriate footwear for this weather.
i'm still wearing them occasionally.
don't tell anyone.
well, don't tell the fashion police.

this summer i went on a trip to germany.
i'm not much of a shopper but did happen to find the german equivalent of payless shoes ... 
these orange sandals with sparkling goodness cost 12 euro.
i used to know what that meant in U.S. money but i forgot. 
and now summer is over and i won't be wearing their sparkly goodness anymore.
alas, (love that word) alas, summer is over.
good bye, happy orange shoe joy.
see you in may ... or maybe april .... 

bring on the boots.

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