Wednesday, October 24, 2012

chocolate joy

 if you best pal was having a birthday, and you decided to throw her a party .... excuse me, a PAR-TAY, what would you do to make it special?

well, let's say she loves chocolate .... would you put roses in an MnM vase? and put it on the kitchen bar?

or maybe you'd set a table for a dinner party for her ... and use hershey's bars as the runner? 

or you'd wonder why you bought SO many roses at costco and make a york peppermint patty vase of flowers?

maybe, if your pal was having a birthday, you'd make your kitchen table double sized  so you could invite lots of people to dinner and use 72 bars of hershey joy for the extra long runner?

that runner is way bigger than the tiny happy birthday sign on the wall .... just dug that out of the birthday decorations box, huh?

but snickers? she loves snickers, right? .... so maybe make some special snicker candle holders?

all that chocolate coloring on the table, maybe you need to dig out some martini glasses and some birthday junk out of the decoration box and toss liberally with, wait for it, more chocolate?

so then you set the table with a kind of chocolate pattern: martini, snicker, martini, snicker, hershey, snicker, martini, snicker, martini.

oh, don't forget to get your fanciest tray out and pile it with appetizers ..or snickers ....
and see that double boxed present in the pic above? gloriously wrapped in the funny papers? guess what's in it!!?? more chocolate of course ... andes mints and choco covered cherries ... birthday girl favorites ... and ... guess what every single guest gifted the birthday girl? yup ...

chocolate is grand.

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