Tuesday, October 30, 2012

chirp chirp

things are flying along smoothly in pottery class this semester.
i was stuck on a non-fussy sort of piece that i could make in multiples for christmas gifts .... 
i tried (and mentioned in the last post) angels ornaments.
too hard.
too fussy.
too much.
so i moved on.
to a bird platter... or kind of bowl... with bird bits.
and i'm happy.

below are two finished birds .... and one that still needs glazing ... he is actually in the kiln as i type.
he's going to be red.
the day i snapped this pic, i also made four fresh ones ... so they are in the bisque fire ... 
ready to be glazed .... 
my christmas shopping list just got cut in half ... 
yippee for that ... 
i'd much rather be at pottery than holiday shopping.
too bad my kids and husband don't want pottery for christmas.

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