Thursday, November 1, 2012

not dog poop. NOT.

here are two twelve inch square canvases, done up in maps and turquoise glazing.
 i just do nice backgrounds without a plan for the foreground usually.
on one of them, i started to put a nest.
but my dog sat on it.
before it was fully a nest.
so it looks a bit like dog poop.
but it is not.
it is going to be a nest. 
a nest.
on a groovy, mappy, turquoisey*** background.
without poop.
i promise.

****when i write the word turquoisey, (a) it is underlined in red as being not a word, (b) it is so a word, and (c) when i say it in my head as i write, i pronounce it tur-kwah-zee ... in case you were wondering.

********* i've joined a group ..... i'm doing art every day month ... i'll do something artsy every day and blogging it each day in november .... wish me luck!


Sue said...

Wonderful use of maps. Your dog has the same bad habit as my cat. Look forward to seeing more of your work:)

Missy said...

You make some lovely background and its pretty funny that your dog sat on it and ya know.

Rennata said...

My cats like sitting on my art as well. I love the turquoisey one, I hear it in my head the same way.