Saturday, November 3, 2012

hi high

i am not that short.
i am oddly bending my knees so that the top of my head wouldn't be cut off in the picture by the sculpture.
i could have stood up straight but didn't realize it.
instead i look goofy to myself.
i went to the high museum in atlanta.
i love that place.

i went to a new(ish) exhibit ... called fast forward:  100 years .... modern moments ... or something like that.

they picked pivotal years from the last 100 and showed bunches of art from that year ... it was interesting mostly because of the differences in styles in each year.

my very, very, very, very, very most favorite part of the exhibit was the LAST room. just before the gift shop. and artist named sarah sze had done and EXTRAORDINARY (oh my gosh i loved it) art installation.

go google her ... and then go to images .... i couldn't find a great site for her ... you could try this one .... and do a slide show of grooviness down at the bottom where it says selected works ...
and ... here's one more bloggish article ...

i do love a good trip to a museum.

i also love a good foray into my art studio ... hence, making myself get there and get to it more often, i have joined art every day month ... to work in my studio EVERY day ...

we'll see how that goes ...

hopefully i will start working on more than just backgrounds to paintings!

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