Monday, November 5, 2012

thanks for flowers and i need a new camera

 it is art every day ... and i have not posted my 8am blog update ... darn ... it is nearly 8pm ... so much for preblogging and preposting to keep me from the frantic last minute post .... day 5 and i'm already slacking.... alas.

here is a tiny 6 inch square canvas i worked on a bit today ..... thanks for the flowers.amen.
i usually snap pics of my art on sunny days. the sun is down. so i took pics inside with my camera ... and they were HORRID ... really, really horrible.... so i tried my phone and voila ... just fine .... larger it gets grainy, but for here for this, it is fine, right? how come my phone is a better camera than my camera? rhetorical. never mind.

so, thanks for the flowers. and the orange leaves. amen.

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