Sunday, May 16, 2010

one, two, three

one .... i have a stat tracker on my blog ... but i usually kind of ignore it ... but since i've gotten back into full on bloggage, i've been watching more, to see if anyone is reading ... you are .... that's good ... the interesting thing is that my weekday stats are about triple my saturday and sunday stats ... so people are spending their weekends, happily i think, not at the computer .... but during the work week? catching up on blogs ... so ... if you haven't read yesterday's blog (by my figuring 13 of you have) go see that .... and maybe i won't be a weekend blogger in the future .. but at the moment, i'm behind on what i have to post .... so, this is my second weekend of blog moment of the weekend ...

two ....i did a vast studio clean up, toss, and rearrangement ...but i'm pretty much just a mess ... and already things are in happy disarray .... if you go to my flickr site i have this studio picture with notes all over it ... or maybe you can identify all the joy bits without? .... i spy with my little eye dog treats! .... i spy with my little eye grant woods' dentist! ... ok .. that last one was total art geekage ... if you don't know what i'm talking about, please ask ....

three ... tonight (yes, i'm bragging) i am going to hear this author speak about her oh-my-gosh-it-is-so-fabulous book ..... yippeeee .....

what do you have going on ? give me your one, two, three!


see you there! said...


1) Lets see that WIP
2) I usually don't blog on the weekend, I have a hard time finding enough to say 5 weekdays
3) How was the author's talk? I blogged about this book, it got a mixed review from me.

That's my three!


Chris said...

I am NOT reorganizing my studio again! No! I've decided to pretend to put things away where they go after I make my messes.

If you hear me screaming, you'll know I just threw it wherever and now I can't find it.

p.s. I comment on 95% of every blog post I read. I wasn't here this weekend.