Wednesday, May 7, 2008


it is 10 and i am just getting to my blog ...yoinks!! when mr.e.beck.artist is out of town, my schedule gets all discombobulated ... the worst bit is that i don't feel inclined to go to bed when he isn't here ... i just stay up! yawn ...and when i do go to bed, i wake up a ton ... and usually i fall asleep and don't wake up at all til morning ..... today on the phone he recommended that i let baby.beck.artist sleep in our bed with me tonight .... so i can wake up and have a peek at her and be happy and go back to sleep ...instead of waking up and worrying ..... so now she is thrilled to have been asked to sleep in my bed...... it's the small things in life that are the greatest joys, huh? 

and speaking of small things: 
this painting is six inches square ..... it has had an arduous life .... i made a fab background and then wrecked it .... so i rubbed it all out with alcohol and tried again ... and again .... so the background is very aged ..... and altered ... and layered with bits that didn't come off .... that background has lots of history ..... but finally was beautiful again ... with the map and some stray marks all beautified with some turquoise and gold green glazing ..... the flowers in the foreground are a bit of a breakthrough ... partly because i'm finally satisfied with this canvas, but also because i've never done such a small flower canvas .... though i've done loads of flowers .... you can go look at my flower set here .... 

this logs in as my 59th canvas this year .... my new year's resolution is to do 100 .... when i made the resolution i thought it was going to be a big push, a big concerted effort, a marathon at the end of the year to get it in ... but now? i'm wondering how high can i go? but before i work on breaking the 100 mark, i need to sell some of these!!

what was your new year's resolution? and how is it going? 


Sharon said...

Love this little canvas. Great colors and compsition.
My reso. was to feed the birds and I've done well.

Anonymous said...

I like the aged look on the 6x6.
Hey, I painted two canvases this week!!
And guess what....I made NO RESOLUTIONS this year!!! LOL
I'm on sabbitical!
Love, Roberta :)

see you there! said...

Wonderful. The colors work so well. I keep imagining it about 12 x 12 for some reason, I'm going to have to mentally scale back, LOL!


Jeannie said...

I am the same as you on the not sleeping without the dh there....and yet his snoring sometimes makes me nuts (just when he does it the exact moment I am almost asleep)
looking good miss 59
I am holding at 11 or 12 (but working feverishly)

e. beck said...

sharon ...i'm thinking a feed the birds resolution might be in order for me next year!

roberta.... what did you paint?

darla.... my sizes are tricky ..... some are three FEET some are six inches .....and side by side they look the same on the screen .....

and jeannie keep at it ...i'm cheering for you .....