Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a test .... only a test .... good luck


this was a FUN test to take .... start typing colors ...... red, orange, yellow ...... but then you need to remember ones like wheat and goldenrod and buff .... i actually LOVE my golden's buff titan .... i thought i was at a test taking advantage since cerulean is in my day to day vocabulary ....

post and tell me how you did ..... what's the most surprising color you thought of under pressure?


phd in yogurtry said...

64 .. and that's WITH the crayola box in front of me ; )

I honestly don't think I could conjure up more than 20 colors.

my favorite exotic sounding color would be ochre. which is about the color of my faux painted bathroom. not to be confused with okra, which is green. does that count as a color? her eyes the color of okra....

speaking of green, did you ever finish that big green canvas?

Anonymous said...

--Roberta :)