Saturday, December 3, 2011

i love saturdays

JOY post 3
today's joy: a green christmas tree ... an orange christmas tree .... a kind husband .... everyone at home (extra thankfulness for saturdays, right?)

preparation:  hooray, hooray! we have started our christmas prep in ernest .... mr.e.beck.artist picked up our christmas tree today ... i had ordered it through our school as a habitat for humanity fundraiser .... prepaid, he just drove up and they tied a seven footer to his car .... if you're one of those persnickity tree folks, this would NOT be the thing for you ..... but we've never been that .... of course, we more often than not have a wonky tree because of our haphazard methods of choosing ... pretty much, we are choosing wonky each year ... i'll letcha know tomorrow if it's mildly or wildly wonky ... at the moment the tree is still tied up on the front porch (lest it escape?) ....

extra prep: being saturday and all we had time for extra xmas prep and pulled a bunch of orny boxes out of the basement .... and have been off and on decorating throughout the day ....

serenity: ... i've a bit of a cold and am medicated and drowsy ... and have spent a large portion of my day toes up on the couch .... i've also read a lot ... and finished ender's game ... by orson scott card .. i had read it 20 years or so ago ... and had sort of forgotten it .... but girl.beck.artist had bought it for her kindle and happily that makes it appear on mine as well!

happy shot of the day:
does the tree look tiny up there? maybe it is .... the joy to me is that mr.e.beck.artist did the chore for me ... went and got it .... if you ask me how big i want a tree, i'll hold my hand over my head and say THIS tall ... no taller than i can reach so that i can put the star on and decorate the tip top in case i don't have helpers .... i always have helpers, but i like the notion of not having to stand on a chair or ladder or whatnot .... sometimes our tree is taller than that (when i'm not in charge at all)  ... i think we're putting up the tree tomorrow ... hooray .... 

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