Thursday, December 1, 2011

december 1

JOY post 1
today's joys: girl.beck.artist scored the first 8 points in her basketball .... mr.e.beck.artist is back home .... i spent the morning with girlfriends ....

I did absolutely nothing today to get ready for christmas ... so much for doing a little every day .... i did tell a pal on the phone my plan for a serene december, and she said isn't the women's group christmas party at your house next week? ... well .. yes .... and i have some candy canes on my dining room table ... need to get on that, but somehow feel no pressure ... we'll discuss this again next tuesday and see if i'm singing the same mellow tune ...

I spent 30 minutes today toes up on the couch reading the ender's game .... i had some ditched responsibilities but decided it was ok since i knew that by the time bed time rolled around i'd be too tired to read ....

Happy shot of the day:

this is not even a flower ... it's a shrub ... the biggest purplest plant i've ever seen ... pretty extraordinary ....

did you notice your joys today?

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see you there! said...

Ok, are you doing 31 days of Dec. posts?

My JOY today was hearing Mom gets to go home Tuesday after nearly 20 days in rehab from a fall.

I think that purple thing is a cabbage, or maybe an ornamental cabbage. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about.