Wednesday, November 13, 2013


the mandala word for day 6 was through ... the things we are passing through on our journey .... i guess it could be chaos or mayhem or grief or upheavel or job loss or ... any number of hard words ... but none of those words are mine..... i think this "season" of my life is family ... or parenting ..... i'm going THROUGH the family stage, even though my kids are quite grown(teens, near teen), still revolves around my family, my children, their schedules, their needs, their problems. i actually don't have any problems that are ALL my own ....or not that i can think of at this moment ... oh, i thought of one ... but it's a sports injury (and i'm sparing you the details right here. you're welcome.) .... all of my metaphysical problems are ones that belong to someone else ... and i just take them up to share the burden ....   so .... i'm going through this parenting season .... and it is quite the circuitous route, right?

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