Sunday, November 24, 2013


my month of mandalas course suits me. i like having an assignment each day. i sometimes find the assignment too hard and skip it and do my own thing ... my plan is to go back to the hard words .... the day i did this mandala, the word was intuition ..... at the time i was doing it, i really knew that i was doing intuition well ... and right .... but now, a week or so later, i have trouble knowing that i felt that. did i really? it looks pretty to me. and i know i had certain ideas and notions and feelings while i created it .... but i can't really wrap my brain around that when i look at it. i love how it looks in fact... but is that because i felt successful as i made it? quite the conundrum .... like my intuition left!
i guess all art is like this ... you feel a certain way while you make it ... and maybe even want to capture that ( i can imagine this with mandalas, painting, music, writing) ... but when you are done, did you capture it? will other people who see it, know it too?

ok. my next blog post i will be less mysterious and rhetorical. less intuitive. more matter o' fact!

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