Friday, November 8, 2013


this was my first mandala .... november 1st ... my new habit begun ..... look how many circles and arcs in this ??...... i circled it up for sure ..... i think if you checked my last 800and something blog posts, you'd say my shape is a square. 90% of my canvases are squares. i totally made that up. 75% of my canvases are squares. well... i made that up too. LOADS of my art is done on a square. i like squares. my mandala could be done on a square ... in a square journal ... but i didn't take the time to find a square journal ... which now i'm happy about, because i have room under each mandala to put a quote. so now that's part of my process ... mandala making and quote searching. so, in the time i've been away from my blog, i've fallen for the circle. but i have a commissioned painting to work on ... and that will be a square. if i can just make the time to do it in between my circles.

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