Wednesday, November 27, 2013


my mandala word was grace.
an important word.
not an easy one to convey in art.
the suggestion was to use stars.
and i did.
and before any color was added i saw circus.
not grace.
just circus.
nothing wrong with a circus drawing....
unless you want a grace drawing.
no grace.
but, in thinking of grace, i recalled a starfish parable.
and i turned my stars to starfish.
and it is subtle like a circus but says grace now.

i don't know who the parable is attributed to ..... (though not jesus, in my mind the primary parable teller) .... and i just wrote it from memory .... i feel like it is paul coehlo ... but it might be isaac asimov or mark twain or maybe a bunch of writers claim it! 

in case it is too tiny in the photo, 
here is what i wrote:

a man was walking along a beach filled with washed up starfish ….
he came across a boy, tossing starfish back into the ocean…
child, what are you doing?  he asked….
i am saving the starfish.
saving them? there are too many… you can’t make a difference….why does it matter?
the boy picked up a starfish and tossed it into the ocean … it matters to that one … and this one … and this one ….

don’t miss your opportunity to toss a star.  it matters.

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