Wednesday, November 6, 2013

mandala ... and balance

for the month of november, i am doing art every day ... different than nanowrimo a couple years ago where i wrote every day in my quest for a novel in 30 days ... but that was 50K words in thirty days ... so thirty pictures doesn't seem too hard. i have joined an online mandala course to keep me on track ... i get a lovely prompt emailed to me every day .... this is the sixth of november, so i've now followed six prompts ... but i've actually completed 14 mandalas.... above is my favorite thus far. the prompt was balance .. balance ... something i strive for, try for, hope for, want .... not sure i've had it lately. not sure it's super possible with teenagers in the house ....but, still working on it.  part of working on balance is art every day .... keeping in touch with the inner artist who is just THRILLED to buy a new set of pencils and markers, a fresh journal, a compass .... ah! the joy of a compass! who knew? i had forgotten how much i loved one.... middle school and high school had some compass joy for me! so .. here's to compass joy ... and refinding my blogging self.

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