Friday, November 29, 2013

the friday after thanksgiving ...

what do you do on black friday? the day after thanksgiving?
i eat leftovers.
i eat pie.
i make more pie sometimes.
i play games.
i stay in my jammies as long as possible.
i read.
i hang out.
i enjoy my family.
i ignore the football game on tv.
i don't shop.

and today, i'll brag.
last friday, i went to pottery and had 11 pieces finished. i had spent the friday before that in a glazing frenzy .... it was such a frenzy that as i ran out of steam, my pal carolyn (yay, carolyn!) helped me finish up.... glazing is not my favorite part ... and i think it is because it is not social.... during my pottery classes, we all sit at these large lovely tables chatting and creating .... and doing the "making" part with the wet clay ... the glazing is on the other side of the room and there's no big chat event going on over there ... just you and all those glazes to stir and mix and pour and drizzle and wipe and clean up ... alone..... so the extrovert in me doesn't like glazing.... i go to class for the extrovert part.... this is a new revelation to me ... i'm going to need to take a poll of the class ... i believer extrovert/introvert will line up with like/dislike the glazing process ....
but i digress ...
back to my brag....
i had 11 christmas gifts come out of the kiln. they are all under my fuchsia fleece in the picture ... 3 large rectangle platters ... 8 small round ones .... and the rest is just my stuff to make more ... i'm always making more....when my friends and family get tired of pottery, i'll need to take up a new hobby ... but it won't be shopping!

here's wishing you a black friday of no shopping .... enjoy your day doing something fabulous!

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