Monday, January 20, 2014

art cards again ....

here are two art cards sent out to people in my new art group ... 
this first one is a maya angelou quote is from her poem touched by an angel .... i'm completely into poetry right now. i did patti digh's design your life camp last fall and there were poets .. the most astonishing poets ... and then i saw billy collins ... and it was all kinda revolutionary in my wee brain .... i wish i had studied poetry in college .... so i'm doing it now instead.

 i have a thing for mandalas now .. cause i took an online mandala class ... we have a self help/change yourself/expand your horizons thing going, huh? ........ this one is a partial which made it fun and tricky to do ... well.... not that tricky, but still ... a little tricky.
i've been working on canvases too .... but not snapping pics for you ... better get on that.

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Anonymous said...

I received my art card in the mail the other day and was so charmed because I had seen the image in our art group and then it was in MY mailbox!

Thank you!