Monday, January 27, 2014

when the universe gets on board and everything falls in place ....

last week i used the very last page of my atlanta and vicinity street map atlas. darn. i was super disappointed. i still had a few of the last pages of the index, which are nice pages full of tidy rows of type ..... but i was a bit mournful of its passing. no one really totes around an atlas in the door pocket like i used to, right? we all have smartphones with maps? .... and just to be have another moan, both of my dictionaries are thin .. they are running out of pages as well ... nearly done. i imagine i've used 6 or 7 dictionaries up in the last 10 years .... that's a lot .... not all the pages are in art ... some are just painted papers ready to be used ... some were used for sketches or doodles ... i've wrapped gifts in them .... i use them to wipe up spills .... but i was thinking i needed a new dictionary before that one was no more ..... and i procrastinated ... i needed to just get on ebay and find what i needed ... but ebay is like a black hole SUCKING ME IN ..... and i never can get one thing .... in the past is has always been ebay spreeeeeees ... wheeeeeee for eeeeeeeeebay ..... but i was hoping against that.

imagine my delight when i went to pottery class at the spruill center. and i parked at the MOST far away spot from ceramics.... and i had to walk through the library to get where i was going ... well that parts not all delightful.... until i discovered that the friends of dunwoody library were having their annual sale. yes. score. yes. so lucky. and then double the delight that they had the EXACT atlas that i had just run out of. what? total fabulous serendipity. score. i bought two street atlases and one big dictionary (that i think is the same dictionary i used at home growing up!) .... all for four whole dollars. yes. i'm considering going back for closing bag day when the books are no longer individually priced, but instead, you get a brown paper bag full for one low price .... that's fun pickings!  but then it starts to feel like ebay and i'll go overboard .... so maybe i'm just going to be super happy with my artful treasures .... super happy is always a good plan, right.

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